It was easy to say, there was no other fitness space like this. Exercise blended perfectly with pleasure. You could be anyone you wanted to be. Be any shape you happened to be. It was just pure freedom to play and train in a way never seen before. It was simply just, serious fun. We reset the industry. Our goal has always been to fit out our facilities with the best and only the best. With dedicated training zones, we have everything from speciality bars, strongman equipment, pin & plate-loaded weight machines, skill rows & skill mills, with equipment sourced from across the globe.

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RFX Athletic

You don’t need to be fit to start RFX Athletic CrossFit. Like any other sport or activity, you have to start somewhere. The majority of our clients are just normal people who want to be fit and healthy and who enjoy being a part of a like-minded community of people who help support and push each other to achieve their goals.

Full Equipped Changing Rooms

Fully equipped changing rooms - everything from hair dryers, showers and ironing tables making sure you have everything you need to hit the clubs before your day out.


Whether you are into building strength, burning calories or wanting to stretch out. You’ll discover we have built dedicated zones with specialty equipment to keep your goals in check.

24/7 Access

Workout on your own terms. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What else do you need?

Group Classes

Master of One. Choreo Cult. Anthem. All classes at ROAR Active are created and developed by the industry's best minds and taught by talented fitness instructors who test your limits and inspire results. Every class is booked in advance and complimentary to you as a member. Claim your exclusive offer and try a class at ROAR Active.

Personal Training

With over 150 hours of education, your dedicated personal trainer will create a plan that's tailored to your goals—and together, you'll work to unlock the results you want. At every step of the way, you'll be driven by a passionate trainer during in-club sessions.