Vault Training

The Vault is where work happens. It’s where people have the perfect conditions to connect, to align, to get context so they can work toward shared goals, together. The Vault is broken down into 4 training phases PRIME – PREPARE – PROGRESS – PREFORM.

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The 4 Training Phases


Prime will not only prepare you for the program but will also extend to helping you move  and feel better in life. Exercises start simple and safe, allowing  you to workout in a low-injury-risk environment.


Strength is so much more than just training the muscles. Think of it as a skill. During Prepare, we focus on improving the quality of movement rather than quantity.


During Progress, workouts are more challenging to represent an outcome, not some random stack of exercises.


We finish each program with a component we call Perform. The final week is a summation of all the effort from the previous week and is an opportunity to push the limits and make results.