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CrossFit is a fitness program that incorporates a wide variety of movements and exercises designed to improve overall fitness and health. There are several different types of CrossFit classes, each with its own focus and training style.

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Our Class Offerings:


Workout of the Day: This is the traditional CrossFit class that includes a daily workout that can vary in length, intensity, and difficulty. The WOD typically includes a combination of strength training and conditioning exercises, such as lifting weights, running, rowing, and bodyweight exercises.


Gymnastics: This class focuses on bodyweight movements, such as pull-ups, push-ups, and handstands. The goal is to improve body control, balance, and coordination.


Olympic lifting: This class focuses on Olympic weightlifting movements, such as the snatch and clean and jerk. The goal is to improve strength and power through these complex lifts.

Kids & Teens

This class is designed for children and teenagers and focuses on building a foundation of fitness and movement skills through fun and engaging workouts.

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