Your Fitness Career at Roar Active!

Is fitness a huge part of your life? If you could do anything at all, would you like to turn Fitness and Health into your career?

A good thought – Yes! But have you also questioned this before and asked, am I too old to be changing jobs or starting something new? AND…Is there opportunity in the fitness industry? Can I actually get a job? …….. You might be interested to know that more and more people are making a career change in their thirties, forties and even fifties and becoming successful Fitness Professionals (Personal Trainers). Almost two thirds (62%) of fitness professionals are aged between 22 to 39 years, with 4% over the age of 55 years (Fitness Australia Report 2014) and as the industry grows, there is an increasing opportunity in this exciting industry!

Whether you want to study for personal interest, want to get a foot into the Fitness Industry or want to positively impact others and start a career in fitness, personal training is an excellent career option. A career as a personal trainer ticks many of the needs of a working mum/dad where one of the biggest advantages is that work schedules can be flexible allowing you to work your clients around your family. Why waste time in a job you don’t enjoy? If you can´t tell the difference between work and play then you know you are doing something you love. There are casual, part time and full time jobs at health clubs, leisure centres, sporting facilities, sports teams, schools, holiday resorts, hospitals, community centres, nursing homes, corporate gyms, government agencies and even cruise ships. OR study and be a part of the group fitness sector, outdoor trainer or run your own Personal Training business in a gym or from your own private studio! The opportunity is there!

Industry leading fitness education and training (via FIT College – RTO 31903) is available at Roar Fitness Cockburn. Study on campus (full time or part time) and complete your studies to become a Fitness Professional (Certificate III in Fitness – SIS30315 and Certificate IV in Fitness – SIS40215)

It is time to choose a career doing what you love!

Want to study Fitness? Here are some quick tips

  • When looking into your fitness courses and qualifications make sure you find EXACTLY the support you will receive. Just because a course is promoted as ‘face to face’ doesn’t not mean you have full support or a classroom learning environment.
  • Make sure the training model suits your lifestyle.! Face to face (or classroom) is a great experience but only if you can make it to classes. Perhaps a flexible mode of study will suit your work, family, social and other commitments better.
  • Technology and Support frameworks. How is your coursework delivered, what is the support from teachers/staff, are there open communication channels, are the courses supported by cutting edge technology and learning resources?
  • Go with your gutt! Sometimes it all sounds too good to be true and often it can be very confusing on who is offering what! Stop and think about it all… know who you are studying with, where they are located and the level of support you require.

From a recent survey from Fitness Australia – Did you know that FIT College graduates;

(See the results here – http://www.fitcollege.edu.au/contact-us/fit-college-research/)

Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) and Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215) courses can be completed via online (flexible), part-time or full time modes of study (right here at Roar Fitness Cockburn), so enquire now and let us help you decide on the option that best suits your lifestyle.

ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN FOR 2017 COURSES. Start on campus in Feb 2017.

FREE COURSE INFO PACK FROM  – http://www.fitcollege.edu.au/perth/

Book in a Campus Tour with Shane and get all your questions answered.

Shane Madin
WA Business Development Manager – Fit College Western Australia
M: 0475705050 E:  shane.madin@fitcollege.edu.au
Web: www.fitcollege.edu.au

10 tips to help you stay motivated over winter!

Winter is the perfect time of the year to focus on your training and nutrition routine. There are far less events on and reasons to have BBQs and consume alcohol when it’s cooler.

Who wouldn’t want to maintain a fit and healthy body all year round?

Rather than letting go of you’re positive efforts over winter, only to undo all of your hard work to then redo the hard work again before summer!

Good habits should be consistent regardless of the time of the year.

Here are some tips to keep you in momentum as the days start to shorten:

  1. Pick a SMART Goal – Specific. Measureable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound.

Whether your goal is working toward an event, a holiday, a fun run, a competition, or a fitness or body composition goal, this will give you the destination to type into your GPS!

Break this down into bite size pieces by each month, week, and day. Identify your potential roadblocks in advance so when they show up you know what to do!

  1. Organise your week

Figure out when you can fit training into your schedule. Training before work can help to ensure that you get your training in rather than it coming to the end of the day and by then you’ve lost your motivation to show up! Alternatively, going to the gym straight after work rather than home first helps (otherwise you may go home and not be able to motivate yourself to get back up and go).

  1. Work out with a friend and/or trainer

It definitely helps to have someone there holding you accountable, someone who is going to push you along and talk you into coming to the gym, you never regret a workout J the hardest part is getting to the gym!

  1. Overhaul your Training Program

The body adapts to programming within 4-6 weeks, it might be time to bust that plateau and try a new training program or style. 

  1. Overhaul your Nutrition Plan

If you’ve been following the same approach day in and day out for a while now with your eating and your bored, then your body is most likely bored also. Mix it up and make things interesting with some new meal ideas.

  1. Prepare food for success

With less partying going on in Winter its easier to have a lazy day around the house with 2 hours of this spent preparing your food for the week, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ and some nights once you get home from work the last thing you want to do is think about organising your food for the next day.

  1. Group Training

Join a group style of training and work your week around that e.g. Small Group PT, Cross Fit or Group Fitness Classes to name a few.  It takes the guesswork out of your weekly training routine and keeps things interesting.

  1. Embrace the winter!

Every year winter is going to rock up whether we want it to or not, so why not embrace this time of the year! Perhaps take up a winter sport or find ways to get outside with family and friends on new adventures. 

  1. Pack your gym bag the day before

Have your gym bag ready to go the day before, that way if your training in the morning it will give you that little bit of extra time to sleep in, or if your coming straight from work it will ensure you don’t forget your workout shoes.

10. Purchase some new kicks or workout gear

How good does it feel having some fresh new kicks and active wear to show case around the gym! It gives you that extra boost of motivation. Go out and treat yourself to something new, this can also be a good reward for reaching your goals.

Lets hit the beach next summer with even better beach bodies than this year, lets utilise winter rather than going into hibernation, glued to Netflix and eating comfort food!

Thanks for reading,