Across our gyms, the expert personal trainers at Roar Active have over 150 hours of education. They work with you to create custom plans based on your goals. Encompassing in-club workouts, they guide you one-on-one through your plans.

Personal training can help you along your fitness journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for some extra motivation, our trainers will use their expertise to assist you in reaching your goals. Learn more about each of our gyms’ personal trainers below and contact us to sign up for a free trial!

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Jess's training approach goes beyond just sets and reps. She's all about blending accountability, empowerment, and a ton of FUN into every session. As a mother of two, Jess deeply understands life's chaos and celebrates those unique victories and strengths along the way.

After many years of training, Jess has discovered that feeling confident stems from challenging your mind and body, proving to yourself you can do it - for you and only you.

She stands by action over excuses. Setting and achieving goals. Helping you discover your motivation, enjoying movement, and powering through the burn together!

Sweat, building strength through struggle, and the belief that dreams require effort to become reality, all resonate deeply with Jess.

With a background as a former national-level swimmer and state water polo player, she knows the dedication, discipline, and mental toughness needed to reach your goals. Jess believes in creating a fitness journey uniquely tailored to her clients and celebrating progress every step of the way.