When we started RFX Athletic Crossfit Forestdale in 2016.
RFX Athletic Crossfit Forestdale facilities are specifically located in and amongst the most prestigious locations in the WA Region and the company’s ambition to be obsessively better has never once diminished. RFX Athletic Forestdale prides itself on being the best. RFX Athletic Crossfit strives to always be the first to pivot, manoeuvre and offer our community the very best service.
RFX Athletic Crossfit offers a multitude of fitness programs ranging from CrossFit & Conditioning to specialty classes including StrongFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Gymnastics.
RFX Athletic Crossfit are at the forefront of fitness. Evolve your understanding of fitness with RFX Athletic Crossfit and join a positive community that will help you achieve real fitness goals.

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Our expert personal trainers with over 150 hours of education will work with you to create custom plans based on your fitness goals that encompass in-club workouts - then guide you one-on-one through them all.


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