The Key To Hitting Your Fitness Goals!

If you think about anything you do, whether it’s going to the shops or going for a walk there is always a goal in mind. The same goes for going to the gym. Whether it’s to hit that personal best or even reach a desired weight, our goals come in all shapes and sizes and achieving these goals no matter how big or small are the driving factors that motivate us in reaching our overall success. 

Setting these goals is an integral factor in helping us achieve what we have set out to do. This is definitely the case when it comes to fitness and our health. In today’s blog we are going to break down some of the key ways you can achieve your goals no matter how big or small they may be.

Use a tracking App:

Not only do tracking apps hold us accountable they are also an easy but effective way to see how far you’ve already come in achieving your fitness goals. Entering data, taking progress pictures and writing journal entries over time become physical proof of your progress and help to show how much you are accomplishing. Thankfully with the wonderful world of smartphones there are endless amounts of apps that will assist you in tracking your progress, here are a couple of our favourites:

    • Daylio: Has the perfect mix of everything. Daylio allows you to do daily entries in which you can add your mood, tick off daily goals, add pictures and write a journal entry. It gets better! Daylio also has a trends feature that will put all of the data from your daily entries into graphs and infographics, another way to help highlight and track your progress as well as keep you on top of things to make sure you’re hitting your goals in no time!
    • MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal is an app that gets more into the nitty gritty side of things. It is much more physical health and fitness focused and allows you to track your calories, build meal plans and also give you workouts and guides to help you in achieving your goals.

Create smaller tasks to help reach each goal:

Similar to tracking your progress creating smaller tasks will put you on an upward trajectory of meeting your overall goals and achieving that desired level of success. Think of these as the stepping stones or foundation blocks that will contribute and build to your overall project. Using smaller goals will help make the overall goal so much more attainable and achievable. Constantly achieving small tasks will also help keep you on track and help maintain a strong level of motivation.

Celebrate your wins!

One of the more important steps, celebrate your wins! No matter how big or small it may be, you’re doing it and that deserves to be celebrated! That doesn’t mean you have to go and throw a house party but whether it’s a glass of wine or a cheat day, something you can use as a reward for your efforts and making steps towards your goals. Celebrating your wins will give you time to look back at how far you’ve already come and motivate you to keep going. Celebrating your wins will give you that extra little push you need whilst also giving you something to work towards in hitting that main goal!

Be realistic!

It is good to expect nothing less but the best for yourself but let’s be realistic, that isn’t always going to be the case. Keep your goals realistic. Give yourself enough time to hit it, if you hit your goal before you expect, AMAZING! But keeping a realistic time scale for your goals will help keep steady progress. Be sure to often reassess and reevaluate your goals. It’ll help you stay on track and ensure that your goals are neither too easy nor too difficult to reach.


There’s only one thing left to do now… Go and smash your goals! 

Just remember it isn’t a linear process, there will be bad days but let the good days push you through, focus on your progress and keep your main goal and overall success in sight!


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