What is RFX CrossFit?

CrossFit here at RFX is all about family, friendship, and FUN!

You’ll get to know your classmates and your coaches quickly and this place will soon become your second home. You know when you walk into RFX you are in a safe space to learn, train and just be you! Training is so important for mental health and well-being, that’s why our RFX coaches take time to connect with members every class. From the social aspect to the fitness, you can count on RFX to support you on your journey.

CrossFit is a way of training that everyone can love. There are no barriers for age or ability as all the workouts are able to be modified to fit you and your fitness needs. Classes are community based making them social, fun, and never boring. Our coaches guide you through the hour of fitness so you can come in and just focus on you!

Our RFX classes involve a varying mix of strength, skill, gymnastics, and cardio so you’ll always have a new challenge and goal to work towards. CrossFit here at RFX is programmed on an 8-week cycle allowing skills to be trained, measured, and improved throughout this time.

Whether your goal is to train 3 times a week or be competitive in the sport we are here to support you.

Explore all the CrossFit world has to offer at RFX Athletic!

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