Why have a Personal Trainer?

If you are new to the world of fitness, the abundance of information can be overwhelming. With all the variations of exercise and the new trending diets, it can seem almost impossible to find a fitness plan that seems right. However there is a whole career field dedicated to being your guide and teacher for all this information, a Personal Trainer. We tend to think of a personal trainer as someone who simply tells us what to do at the gym, and that is partly true, but they also serve to be much more for their client.

What exactly does a Personal Trainer do?

• Teach
– First and foremost a personal trainer is there to teach you about fitness on all fronts and answer any question you have during your entire process. A Personal trainer has spent time to learn the dynamics of each exercise and meal plans. In addition, a personal trainer will help design a fitness plan directed toward the specific goal you have in mind. For example, if you wanted to prepare to run for a marathon they will help prepare a meal plan, set a realistic timeline for you, and guide you through each exercise that will specifically build stamina.

• Hold You Accountable/Won’t Waste Time
– We’ve all been there, the 6am alarm going off and us pressing the snooze 45 times! As appealing as it is in the moment, skipping days can set you back and hinder your progress. This is another area in which a personal trainer is ideal, holding you accountable! The idea of skipping your morning workout seems much less appealing when you have someone waiting at the gym for you! They will inspire you to get up, get moving! As well, when you get there a personal trainer will get you to work, with little time wasted walking on the treadmill or wandering around! Allowing you to get the best out of your fitness time!

• Personalise Training For Your Lifestyle/Force You Into Good Habits
– An issue a lot of people run into with fitness is the idea of an unrealistic goal. Many people jump into working out assuming they will lose weight and get the body they want within a few weeks, and when they don’t get the look they want they give up! However fitness is much more complex than that! Depending on what your goals are, it can take months or even years to reach them. They require patience. A personal trainer can help you set realistic timeline that matches your desired goals and tell you what to expect. In addition, a personal trainer can arrange that timeline in a manner that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle and fitness levels. For example if you work a hectic job, a personal trainer can arrange a schedule in which you workout fewer times a week but with workouts that will push you enough to fulfill the goals for that week!

• Push You Past Your Plateau
– A personal trainer is designed to push you past the point of plateau. If you’ve hit a point where your workouts aren’t enough, a personal trainer will push you to the next step. Always aiming to keep you moving forward.

• Shoulder To Lean On/Therapist
– An unassuming perk of a personal trainer is that over time they can become a sort of unofficial therapist. A personal trainer is there to talk to you about your life, not just tell you what to do with working out. They care about whether you’ve been stressed out or haven’t been eating enough, because their main concern is to get you healthy.

A personal trainer can dramatically increase your fitness experience and outcomes and can set you down the right path for success! Here at ROAR Fitness 247 we always aim to build better people and encourage all our members to use their free consultation with one of our talented personal trainers today!


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